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Eilat, the Red Sea riviera

Eilat is a true riviera on the southern border of Israel and Egypt. Its location on the north part of the Red Sea makes it a perfect place, weather-wise, to spend here the cold European or North American winters. Eilat has a perfect ~20 degrees and 25% humidity between October and April, and with its new international airport just 15 km to the north, arriving and departing is simple and quick. There are several interesting attractions to visit around the city: Timna, a 6000 years old copper mine, where you can see how ancient civilizations produced this game changing metal; The Shkhoret canyon and Red canyon that are perfect hiking spots (detailed here:; Eital itself offers relaxed beaches, with lots of water sport activities like snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, and water skiing. In the city itself, you can visit the underwater Sea world, tax-free shopping malls and excellent restaurants.

Eilat is also the hub for your tours in Egypt and Jordan, which we can offer with local tour guides in these countries.

Diving and sea world in Eilat.

The Eilat coral reef is known around the world as a top diving spot. The reed is vary shallow for 20-40 meters and then then it drops to -1000 m. The Sinai peninsula is also a great place for diving. The blue whole in Dahab and the diving sites in Sharm-al-Shekh are excellent sites. We work with several Israeli diving instructors who offer daily or weekly diving excursions to Sinai. Ask us about this option.

If given a notice, we can arrange for a Jeep trip to Wadi Ram in Jordan. Either 1 or 2 day trips including Petra (below). This cannot be done on a bike, but in a 4x4 Jeeps.

We visit Eilat only in our 14 day tours and spend a night in the city. If you wish to travel to Eilat, Jordan or Sinai only, drop us a note.

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