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1st post-war post

So six months into the war, and my first 2024 tour is scheduled so I thought it was a good idea to write a new post about the situation and what it means to run a tourism business in war-time. Well, to start with, its frustrating. the bikes are in the garage, the weather is perfect, we had a good winter with lots of rain the whole desert turned green, the rivers are full, the fields are blooming and the air is clean. But and it's a big BUT, the tourists are nowhere to be found... It's understandable, who'd want to tour a country at war?

So I did.

I took my bike and went south the gaza border, where life stopped on October 7th 2023 and here are the pictures I took. They tell the story. The story of devastation, death and horror and at the same time, of spirit and beauty and hope.

First post-war tour is scheduled for April 11-17.

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