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The Arava and Eilat

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

The Arava is a plain on the Israel-Jordan boarder stretching 170 km, along route 90 from the Dead See to the Red Sea. On the east, it borders with the Jordanian "Arava" and on the west with the Negev desert. The Arava is the most remote area in Israel and its settlers are considered the craziest of all :-) The settlements along route 90 to Eilat specialize in desert agriculture and have a well known research center called Vidor, that exports its knowledge to other countries. Eilat is the most southern city in Israel and its gateway to the Red Sea, Africa, India and the Far East. There are several point of interest along the way, that include an ancient copper mine, tigers' temple, Nabatean towns and lovely canyons. The Arava has a triangle shape with its head in the Red Sea riviera city of Eilat.

Road 90 crosses Israel from north to south. It crosses the Arava along the Jordanian border.

Vidor center is a research facility that explores desert agriculture techniques and is open for visitors. Here you can learn how to grow vegetable in the desert and where do the water come from.

Timna is a 6,000 years old copper mine with many remains from ancient times.

The red canyon at sun rise is a spectacular site of colors.

Shkoret canyon offers lovely walking trails.

The Eilat coral reef is known for its beautiful diving and snorkeling Red Sea beaches.

Other places include: Moah is an ancient Nabataean khan, the first point in the Spice trail and closest khan to Petra; The Dolphin reef in Eilat is a great place to swim with dolphins and drink a cold beer at sunset. Eilat has excellent hotels and nightlife. you can easily access Egypt and Jordan. We reach Eilat and spend here a day on our 14 day tours only.

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