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The Sea of Galilee

The largest fresh water lake in Israel and up until recently the main water source is located along the Syrian-African rift AKA the Dead Sea rift between the lower galilee and the Golan heights. About an hour and a half ride from TLV. The lake is 2-- meter below sea level which means it gets its fresh water from the stream that flow from the Golan and the Hula valley, but mainly from the Jordan river that meets the lake from the north. Jewish settlements date all the way to the first temple era and the Kineret is mentioned in the bible as part of the land inherited by Naftali and Menashe tribes. This is the place where Jesus fished and did most of his miracles and the birthplace of modern Zionism.

The lake is beautiful and the sunshine hours are magical. The Golan mountains rise in the east.

The Galilee mountains rise in the west.

Tons of colors all around the 66km trail that surround the lake, all year long.

Several "kibutzim" surround the lake including the first Kibutz in Israel - Dgania and Kineret, but also Maagan, Ha-On and Ein Gev. All enjoy this view...

The Sea of Galilee has also been a place where important battles took place in WWI and in Israel's independence war in 1948. Bravery stories of soldiers from Australia, New Zealand and Britain are shown in several memorial sites, like this one in the Zemah train station.

Herons and other birds park here to quench their thirst.

We tour the Sea of Galilee and its Jewish and Christian sites in all our tours.

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