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Lower Galilee, Nazareth

Updated: May 14, 2020

Lower Galilee and the Izrael Valley date back to biblical times. Yael and Sisra, Gideon and the Mediyin, King Saul's last battle on the Gilboa, Israel's grain barn and much more. This region is the  place of resurrection of the Jewish people after the Bar Kochba revolt in 135 AD. Jews fled from Jerusalem and settled in the Galilee, and regained some control of their lives and learned how to continue worshiping without a temple. The Galilee is also important for Christianity as Nazareth is the place where Merry was told she will have baby Jesus, Mt. Tabor is the place of the transfiguration of Jesus and the famous battle of Napoleon, and Armageddon is where it will all end... The Izrael Valley is also the place of ancient Jewish towns like Tsipori, Bet Shearim, Ein Harod and more. Lots of ancient and recent history can be seen all around.

Nazareth holds some of the most important Christian stories from the New Testament. Church of the Annunciation built on top of Maria's cave, where Gabriel announced she was pregnant with Jesus. The house of Joseph the carpenter build alongside the ancient village of Nazareth that was discovered in archaeological excavations. Mount Precipice overlooking the valleys around Nazareth is the place where Jesus jumped and ended up in the Sea of Galilee: "No prophet is accepted in his own country..."(Luke 4, 24).

Mount Tabor,  the Church of Transfiguration, The Battle of Mt. Tabor of Napoleon Bonaparte 1799. Mt. Tabor offers 360 degrees view of the entire Lower Galilee.

Tsipori where the Mishna was signed in 200 AD, its Roman city and amazing mosaics including the Mona Lisa of the Galilee, some 1300 years before Da Vinci...

Bet Shearim, Nacropolis, the 2000 years old Jewish burial site with hundreds of Sarkofags.

Nazareth, the Church of Annunciation, St. Joseph church, the Crusaders museum, Mount Precipice and more.

Alexander Zeid memorial, founder of "Hashomer".

Hararit underground church.

Megido / Armageddon, the place were it will all ends... With its amazing water factory and 30 layers of history.

Other interesting sites include Ein Harod, the first Kibuts & Nahalal, the first Moshav, Merhavia, the first cooperative. The Wedding Cana Church, Yodfat national park where Josephus Flavius rebelled against the Roman empire in 66 AD. The​ region offers historical sites, great stories and beautiful scenery. Izrael Valley is THE valley in Israel. We tour the region in all our tours, but only in the 7 and 14 day tours we spend time beyond Nazareth.

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