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Jerusalem, the City of David

Updated: May 25, 2020

Jerusalem goes back more than 3300 years to biblical times. We know from reading the bible and from external sources that there was a city in the hills of Judea, settled by local tribes already in the 15th century BC. Archaeology also tells us that this small village was built on a little hill, south of today's old city of Jerusalem, around the Gihon fountain. This is the village that David conquered in the 10th century BC, set as his capital and called Jerusalem.

The City of David had gone major excavations since the mid 19th century and today many places are open for tourists, including the "palace", the Hezekiah tunnel. area G, Warrens' shaft, the Shiloh pool and many more ancient sites. Touring the city of David takes you back in time and you can really feel the walls "talking" to you and telling you their story.

If only these walls could talk...

Stepping down the city of David tunnel and going back 3000 years...

This is the shaft that Charles

Warren, a British officer, found in the 1867. Could this be the entrance to the city that Kind David entered through to conquer it some 3000 years ago...? The Bible does mention a shaft...

The view from the "palace" at the top of the hill.

Jerusalem and the city of David are toured in all our trips.

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