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Israel Trail

In April 1995, the Israel Trail committee have announced the formation of the "Israel Trail", a 1,056km trail going from kibutz Dan in the north, all the way to the Israel-Egypt border in the north. Israel Trail acts as the "backbone" for all the +10,000km of marked trails that cross Israel since the 1960's. Since its inception, the trail has been modified and adapted to better fit its purpose and was also voted as one of the Top20 trails in the world by the National Geographic, who stated that it "combines nature, history, heritage and culture with biblical landscape and contemporary Israel". Several other trails were built over the years and connected to the Israel Trial, among them: the Jerusalem Trail, the Golan Trail and the Jesus Trail in the Galilee. Google StreetView supports the Israel Trail since 2016.

Abraham gate at Tel Dan, the (former) start of the Israel Trail in the north.

Ein Uvdat, a desert oasis in the Negev desert.

The Israel Trail is divided into sections to make it possible for people to walk on it un-continuously. Some maps divide the trail into 44 sections and some to 65 sections, but its up to the traveler to divide it as s/he wish. Over the years a large community was formed of travelers known as the "Trail Angels". These are people who live along the trail and support the travelers with a roof, water or other needed items. Several libraries were setup along the trail with relevant books that travelers can enjoy while resting. The Trail is marked with 3 colors: white, blue and orange.

Sun rises at Ramon Crater.

The Israel Trail passes through some of the country's best sites: Naftaly Horn, Mt. Meron, Mt. Arbel, Mt. Tabor, Tzipori river, Oren river, Tel Lachish, Tsfira pool, Masada, Yamin ascent, Mt. Karbolet, Mt. Yoash and more. You do experience the history, geography and culture of the land of Israel throughout.

The view off Mt. Arbel. Priceless.

I have walked the Israel Trail with several groups over the years and it is an experience I recommend to every traveler.

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