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Around the Sea of Galilee

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Several years ago the Israel Parks authority decided to take action and open a route that circulates the Sea of Galilee to allow travelers to walk around the lake. This 62km route is definitely one of the best walking routes in Israel. As it happens, the water level have risen since the route was cleared and parts of it are in fact underwater, but most of it is walkable. I took 2 friends and walked for 3 days to complete it and I promised to myself that I will do it again.

We started in Zemah, the southern point of the lake and walked clockwise, roughly 22km a day. In fact the route we did was 68km long and that is because in the north east part of the lake the route was unclear, which resulted in a navigation error. We also had several cases of high fences that made us walk around them and increase the walking distance.

What you can find along the route:

- water, more water and even more water

- beautiful scenery

- a lot of history, early Christianity in the north (Capernaum, Magdala, Mt. of Beatitude), early Zionism in the south west, modern history in the east

- excellent food, in Magdala, Tiberius and Ramot

- good people

In any case, here are some pictures of what to expect when walking this route. First, this is the colors that mark the route, which is found in strange places like painted on rocks, trees and street signs.

The starting point - Zemah. The Golan heights in the horizon.

A mixture of green and blue throughout.

Tamarisk trees.

Herons look for fish.

Great view and total relaxation


Beautiful sunsets, every day.

A lot of historical places and the birthplace of Christianity.

Highly recommended route, also in summer.

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