1600 years old monasteries in the midst of the desert... right where Catholicism was born. Ancient hermits like Chariton, Euthymius, Sabbas and others traveled this land from the 3rd century AD and left their marks. We follow their footsteps in the Judea desert and see how they lived, where they found water and what they felt. We visit St. George, Marsaba, Dir Hajle and Martirius monasteries.



A beautiful desert with some great off road riding, ancient roads and Nabatean cities. The Negev is simply one of the best places to ride in Israel and enjoy the quiet and relaxed atmosphere that only a desert can offer. Biblical scenery, quietness, great people and amazing oasis are visited all year round.



The amazing Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth is a hell of a ride... You start on top of Jerusalem mountains at 700 meters above sea level, and drop sharply to 432 meters below sea level. the entire scenery changes in minutes, the weather, the view, the feeling... all change in minutes, and you find yourself in an overwhelming biblical scenery that stays with you forever.