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Upper Galilee, northern Israel

The Upper Galilee stretches from the northern boarder with Lebanon south to Bet Hakerem Valley, and from the Mediterranean beach in the west, to the Hula Valley in the east. The region offers several mountain peaks above 1,200 m, Mediterranean forest, rivers trails, water falls and beautiful scenery. The Upper Galilee gets more than 800 mm rain a year and its limestone rock creates beautiful cretaceous caves and water springs. Riding the northern road (road 899 as we call it) along the Lebanese border is an amazing experience considering the fact that Israel and Lebanon are still at war...

There are many points of interest in the Upper Galilee:

Montfort & Yehiam Teutonic fortresses.

The Roman era synagogue in Baram.

the Arch cave near Adamit.

Ha'ari mountain in Bet Jan.

The old Jewish quarter in Zafed and the largest Mumluk fortress in the middle east.

Meron mountain trail and holly sites; The Amud river trail. The "North road" on the border with Lebanon; The Shrine of Nebi Sablan in Hurfesh; and the ancient synagogue in Pki'in. The Upper Galilee offers excellent local restaurants and several luxury hotels. In our 7 and 14 day tours we visit some of these beautiful sites.

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