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Set at $9,400

Tour details

This extensive 14 days 13 night tour is designed for riders who're interested to explore Israel deeper, understand its roots, see how it all started. We visit places that are unreachable by car, meet people from all parts of society, see how Syria looks like from the Golan, how Jordan looks like from the Arava and how Lebanon looks like from Metula. Explore the Jewish settlements from the early 20th century in the Hula valley and the Izrael valley, visit the first kibutz in the world and the first "moshav". Tour the British jail in Acre where the gallows where hanged, visit the grave of king Herod in Herodion, the first temple in Shiloh and the 1973 Yom Kipur war battle sites in the Golan. We climb up to the Temple mount and ride on the Israeli-Egyptian border in the desert, we see the carved stones of Mt. Carcom and visit a Bedouin tent. We visit archaeological sites from the 1st & 2nd temple and Roman-Byzantine eras. Israel will never look the same again...

Tour summary

~2,800 km on new ADV bike. Luggage service. 5* hotels, 3 meals a day at hand-picked restaurants. 


This tour is only offered on luxury level.  Please contact me for details.