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Rider, tour guide, photographer, in that order ;-)

I am Raz, 56 years old, born in Israel, married and a father of two girls. I have been a captain in the IDF, a secret service agent, an MBA graduate, a high tech entrepreneur and now - a certified tour guide. I ride ADV motorcycles since I was 17. 

I offer guided motorcycle tours, on 10 new Yamaha T7 ADV bikes, in Hebrew, English and Spanish, in 3 accommodation levels: basic, standard and luxury. All tours include beautiful roads, off road desert trails, national parks, hidden desert oasis, amazing biblical sites, ancient cities, breathtaking scenery, great stories and excellent food - we eat only in great restaurants, there's no other option. 

Come and explore my beautiful country on a motorcycles - it's an experience of a lifetime! Something that must be on everyone's bucket list... 




Israel has 200 km of beaches on the south-eastern part of the Mediterranean and we invite you to ride it with us. Some of the worlds' most known ancient ports are located on our beaches, like Jaffa, Caesaria, Dor and Acre. These ancient ports tell the amazing story of the land of Israel for the past 3,000 years from the days of King Solomon who built the first temple to the return of Jews to their homeland. We start in old Jaffa, and ride along the ancient Roman Via Mare to visit the beautiful town of Caesaria, the city of Haifa with its Bahai gardens, and end the day in Acre, the capital of the 2nd Crusaders kingdom with its Knights halls and secret tunnels. On the culinary side, you can expect sea food and fish for dinner, and great view and sea breeze all day.

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High mountains, deep ridges, dozen shades of green and many water falls is what you see when you tour the upper Galilee. The Sea of Galilee, Capernaum (the city of Jesus), Mt. of Beatitude, Mt. Tabor, ancient Jewish synagogues on Mt. Arbel, Bet Alfa are what you see in the lower Galilee. When you mix all that with ethnic Druze hospitality you experience the uniqueness of this region, and it cannot be ignored. The air in the Galilee is fresher, the wine tastes better and the food is amazing. ​We cruise through the Galilee, along the Lebanese border and  along the Hula valley, where 500M birds cross every spring and autumn. 

This 250km tour is filled with amazing views, winding roads that climb and drop quickly and relaxed vibe. 


Volcanos, deep rivers, high waterfalls, combined with heroic battlefield stories from the 2nd temple era to the 20th century characterize the Golan Heights. Home to ~40,000 people, the Golan Plateau as we call it, allows riders to climb up to 2,000 meters above sea level, and look deep into Syria and Lebanon, as well as to northern Israel. It also gives the visitor opportunity to eat excellent meat and drink great wine, both produced by local cowboys. In summer the Golan is the best place to ride and stop for a cold swim in an "officers pool" and drink a cold beer on top of a volcano. in this 200km ride we visit several national parks, climb two volcanic mountains and bath in a natural pool.

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Ancient biblical sites, holy Christian sites, underground water cisterns, the Jordan river and the "Land of the Monasteries", the Dead Sea... are just few of the places we visits. The desert sunrise/sunset,  amazing sceneries, combined with great off road rides and winding roads give Judea its magical historical feeling. A ride through the Judea desert with all its history and sites in an amazing adventure and part of every ride we offer. At the end of the day, after 150km in the desert, we invite you to enjoy an ice cold beer and watch the sunset overlooking the Dead Sea, an image that will remain with you for a long time.


Simply said, Jerusalem is the most amazing city on earth. Period. Once you tour it, you will understand why. 3,000 years of history, 26 layers of destruction, hundreds of stories from every rock and artifact found in its excavations. Every great king or emperor conquered it (or tried to), built a monument or left his mark in other way. The Bible and the New Testament are filled with stories that occurred here, King David conquered it from the Canaan, King Solomon built the first temple and King Herod built the second. Sacred for all three monotheistic religions and the capital of Israel, we explore Jerusalem by day and night,  walking in its narrow streets, wander between its ancient walls, get lost in its markets and eat its great food. 
Jerusalem is a must in every visit to Israel.

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The amazing Negev desert, home to the ancient Nabatteans who traded Moore and frankincense and ruled the Incense trade route for centuries. Luckily for us, they left behind their amazing desert towns and oasis, which we visit in our tours. The Negev is home to three unique craters and to some of the most amazing sceneries Israel offers. We ride through rivers and climb hilltops. We visit an ancient Nabatteans town, and ride ~200km in the desert, some of it off road and find time to visit a unique oasis - a miracle on a hot sunny day.

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€2,390 All included

~1,000 km on new ADV bikes on and off road. 4 excellent breakfasts and dinners. 3 nights in excellent boutique hotels. Tour includes: Mediterranean, Galilee, Jordan valley, Jerusalem and dead sea, Negev desert.


€2,990 All included

~1,300 km on new ADV bikes on and off road. 5 excellent breakfasts and dinners. 4 nights in excellent boutique hotels. Tour includes: Mediterranean, Galilee, Golan, Jordan valley, Jerusalem, dead sea and Negev desert.


€4,600 All included

~1,600 km on new ADV bikes on and off road. 7 excellent breakfasts and dinners. 6 nights in excellent boutique hotels. Tour includes: Mediterranean, Galilee, Hula valley, Golan, Jordan valley, Jerusalem old city, dead sea and Negev desert.



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